Use moving as an opportunity to get rid of stuff

Moving all your stuff is the best opportunity you could have to sort through all your things.

Go through everything you own and make two piles, things you want to take to your new place and items you want to donate to charities or sell. Donate or sell all the things that you haven’t used in over a year or the things you aren’t emotionally attached to.

If you itemize on your income taxes, any charitable donations can be a tax deduction. And if you are moving for a new job (and not being paid for the move), all your moving expenses may be tax deductible too!

Pack clothes in garbage bags

It’s better not to pack your clothes in boxes or suitcases.

Simply move them covered in clean, garbage bags. It saves on boxes and the bags can later be used for trash. Plus in the moving truck, those bags of clothes can be tucked in anywhere and can also provide a cushion for valuables.

Collect moving boxes well before the move

You will need boxes and containers when you pack your belongings.

Ask your friends or neighbors who have moved recently if they can lend you the extra boxes they have lying around. Start collecting boxes weeks before the move and just keep them in the garage until needed.

Craigslist, NextDoor, and neighborhood Facebook pages are great places to find free moving boxes.

Once you’re unpacked at your new place, use those same websites to get rid of the boxes and simply place them out by the curb & they'll disappear!

by Jenny Harrison, edited by Jeff Campbell